How we helped a fast-growing Digital Media manage performance reviews effeciently by designing a custom review platform to suit their needs.

How we helped a fast-growing Digital Media manage performance reviews effeciently by designing a custom review platform to suit their needs.


About the Client

About the Client

SoCheers Infotech is a fast-growing full-service digital media agency based out of Mumbai and Bangalore. SoCheers provides digital marketing services to brands that don't just include digital presence but immersive experiences too. From heart-touching DVCs to catchy jingles, and interactive microsites to engaging content, they have done it all.


Problem Statement

HR managers spend hundreds of hours in the Performance Review processes every year and a lot of this time goes into unproductive coordination and follow-ups. The company was exploring HR platforms and tools to drive Performance Management and Reviews but were not able to find a suitable one that can customise the platform to suit their needs and future requirements.

Project Timeline

October 2019 - Ongoing

Project Title

How we helped a fast-growing Digital Media manage performance reviews effeciently by designing a custom review platform to suit their needs.

Approach and Findings

Team interactions to identify areas of improvement:

With the growing team size the HR team had to invest more and more time in managing the performance review cycles. A lot of time was spent across different teams on redundant tasks such as sharing draft KPI sheets, email followups for reviews, referring to past data during review sessions, collating review feedback and ratings in an excel sheet for analysis, etc.

Zeroing upon the opportunity statement:

The team needed a solution to help them manage collection of performance data for each each individual, auto-calculate the ratings, and have historic records.

Roadmap planning:

Based on the requirement, we suggested a custom built tool on Zoho Ecosystem to ensure the data entry, reporting and dashboards are customised to suit the requirements. This system can be further scaled to create all HR related tools on a single portal.

Work Done

Our approach was to build a self-serving central platform which is used across all levels to manage the entire review cycle and also give data as needed to different user sets.

Our platform could -

  • 1. Allow the reviewee to submit the performance data based on the set review cycle. This data can be verified / edited by the manager and the manager can add his feedback on the performance at a KPI or overall level.
  • 2. Once a review is updated by the manager, the manager's manager can approve the review. Anyone other than the reviewee, manager and manager's manager cannot change or approve the data.
  • 3. The HR team can start and stop the review cycle and also control the employees who will be able to participate in the cycle based on their joining / exit date.
  • 4. The HR team can also track the status of reviews for each employee and send follow-up emails from the platform itself without having to move to any other platform.
  • 5. Each user set viz. employee, manager, manager's manager, HR and management have their respective dashboard to showcase relevant insights. The data can be further filtered for a particular review period to quickly understand a snapshot of the performance.


The HR team could save 100+ hours in every review cycle in followup, data consolidation, follow-ups and managing reviews. Other team heads could save 45+ hours for each review cycle spent usually on data consolidation for the team, referring to past data, managing different excel sheets and emailing feedback to team members. The team size at SoCheers has grown 2x since then and the savings in efforts and time have only increased since then.

Frameworks used in the project

Digital Transformation Framework

  • - Custom Tech Platforms
  • - Process Digitization

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