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How we helped the Overseas Education Startup in building a 5 year strategic business plan and roadmap

How we helped the Overseas Education Startup in building a 5 year strategic business plan and roadmap


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About the Client

About the Client

Aliff Overseas was established in 2012, the company helps students from India with the counselling and right options for the best Overseas education. Aliff has helped & garnered the dreams of 23,000+ students to choose the right career. Aliff’s unique value pyramid 3C model helps students choose the Right Course, Right College, Right Country, anywhere in the world


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The founder (Asslam Shaikh) wanted to raise funds to expand the business and wanted to build a strong plan for the next 5 years before looking for funds.

How we helped an Overseas Education Startup in building a 5 year strategic business plan and roadmap

Project Timeline

May 2022 - July 2022

Project Title

How we helped an Overseas Education Startup in building a 5 year strategic business plan and roadmap

Approach and Findings

Team interactions to identify areas of improvement:

We interacted with the founder and the core team to understand the business, challenges, current scale, and resources available to lead the different business areas. We also had a series of interactions with the founder to understand the vision for each area of business.

Zeroing in on the Problem Statement:

During the process, we identified various bottlenecks and challenges in team structure and operational processes where the founder was spending significant time that could have been otherwise spent on business growth and expansion. We also identified the multiple revenue streams that can be built either independently or as an add-on.

Roadmap planning:

We identified the different areas of business which would require different levels of focus from the founder and started working on a 5-year strategy for areas such as team structure, manpower planning, manpower cost, tech planning, marketing strategy, etc.

Work Done

Once we had an agreement on the roadmap, we started working on the different areas assigned to us.

We delivered the following during the project.

  • 1. We studied the different geographic markets to identify the top countries with the maximum student intake from India and mapped the current share of business in these regions. We identified regions where we had a strong network and expertise and had the potential to grow.
  • 2. We benchmarked the competitive landscape in India for different revenue streams and value offerings, and compared the revenue & financials of competitors.
  • 3. Created a strategy for the primary revenue streams of self-serviced students and created growth targets. We created an organizational structure to improve efficiency, plugged in manpower budgets, and manpower plan, which would co-relate to the number of applications processed
  • 4. Worked on a strategy and plan for alternative sources of revenue such as IELTS coaching, Agent Model, Franchise Model, and Add-On Product sales.
  • 5. Delivered a detailed, fully linked, and dynamic business plan with projected cash flows, franchisee cohorts, and leads to conversion mapping.
  • 6. Organisation structure with bands, levels & hierarchy, and a manpower plan based on benchmarked salaries mapped to revenue projections.
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Aliff Overseas is now ready for growth and looking to raise its Series A round. They have set the foundation for growth by hiring for critical roles, setting processes, and automating part of their operations to process applications at scale. They have onboarded 5 franchisees including a country master franchise for Kuwait.

Frameworks used in the project

Objective and Value Setting Framework

  • Business Strategy & Forecasting
  • Annual & Strategic Business Plan
  • People & Culture Framework

  • Organisation Structure
  • Manpower Budgeting
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