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How we helped the workspace accessories manufacturer transform organisation culture through OKRs, Data Trackers and Dashboards

How we helped the workspace accessories manufacturer transform organisation culture through OKRs, Data Trackers and Dashboards


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About the Client

About the Client

Innofitt is a pioneer in designing, manufacturing and marketing intelligent workplace accessories that enhance productivity and ensure comfortable working conditions, since 1981. Their clientele includes top furniture manufacturers like Wipro, Godrej, Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd, Monarch Ergonomics among others, importers, interior contractors and select corporate / institutions like Tata Consultancy Services, State Bank of India, Ryan International School, IIM Ahmedabad, Jet Airways, IL&FS, IBM, HSBC, GE, American Express, Wockhardt and many more. 

Its range of products includes Monitor Solutions, DeskPorts, KBD Solutions, CPU Solutions, Drawer Solutions, Table Stands and other Office Solutions. These products optimize space utilization while giving your office a stylish and modern look.

Website: ⁠https://innofitt.com/

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The Management Team (Sunil Devnani and Anil Devnani) intended to build a collaborative and goal oriented culture. They also wanted to make the organisation to be ready to work in an autonomous mode where the management team could focus more on strategic initiatives.

How we helped a workspace accessories manufacturer transform organisation culture through OKRs, Data Trackers and Dashboards

Project Timeline

September 2021 - Ongoing

Project Title

How we helped a workspace accessories manufacturer transform organisation culture through OKRs, Data Trackers and Dashboards

Approach and Findings

Team Interactions to Identify Areas of Improvement

We had interactions with every unique role in the organization to understand the areas which need significant change such as setting processes, improving efficiency, and opportunities for role expansion. We also identified the current team dynamics, challenges faced and teams needing role clarity.

Zeroing upon the problem statement

During the process, we understood that the processes were although set, but not monitored in an effective manner. This led to process adherence gaps which caused friction in smooth working amongst departments. We also identified the need for new processes as the company had grown in scale significantly.

Roadmap Planning

Based on the findings and possible solutions, we suggested the roadmap that best suits the management's vision for the business and culture where they wanted their team leaders to be effective, understand the business metrics and drive the operations independently. We agreed on building a strong performance management system that is linked strongly to all key input metrics and critical processes.

Work Done

We delivered the following during the project:

We delivered the following during the project.

  • 1. Defined the business goals and identified strategic initiatives that each department will have to take up to achieve the business goals.
  • 2. After creating a buy-in for strategic initiatives, we created OKRs for department heads which were linked back to strategic initiatives and made key performance indicators for the entire team along with measurement criteria & rating levels for each unique role in the company.
  • 3. Data trackers, input forms, automated reports and automated analysis to have supporting information for each metric.
  • 4. Communicated the KPIs, trackers, and processes to the entire team to ensure that everyone understood their KPIs and how it is going to help them improve their work.
  • 5. Conducted weekly checks to ensure that the processes are being followed and trackers are updated.
  • 6. Resolved issues faced by the team during the transition phase to reduce inter-team friction and enable a smooth flow of information.
  • 7. Conducted structured reviews where we helped the managers identify the feedback pointers so that the feedback was communicated in a constructive manner with clear action pointers across different roles.
  • 8. Identified team members who would need additional support during the reviews and provided additional support to them for them to succeed in their roles.
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Innofitt has seen a significant change in the culture of the organisation where everyone is more motivated towards achieving their individual goals and at the same time achieving the company goals. In the last 2 years, they have grown almost 100% in revenue and scale with the same white-collared team size. They have introduced a new ERP and have been implementing it to automate the processes and systems further. The goal going forward is to ensure that the current systems and processes are sustained while we support in building a hierarchical organisation structure to support their growth targets of 50% YoY.

Frameworks used in the project

People & Culture Framework

  • Key Performance Indicators & Goal Setting
  • Appraisals & Reviews
  • Efficient Systems and Processes Framework

  • Knowledge Management
  • Process Setting & Documentation
  • Process Training
  • Data Trackers
  • Digital Transformation Framework

  • Google Trackers
  • Automation on Google
  • Performance and Sustainability Framework

  • Data Trackers (Individual and Team)
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