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How we helped the fast-growing pizza chain structure their growth plan and drive efficiency

How we helped the fast-growing pizza chain structure their growth plan and drive efficiency


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About the Client

About the Client

Started in 2009 by Aditya Shah, Juno's Pizza believed in making food that everyone enjoys eating. Their products are prepared based on the secret recipe using natural, chemical-free ingredients prepared by Aditya's Grandma.

Juno's Pizza was acquired by Cure Foods in 2022.

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With operations and business being well established, the founder Aditya Shah wanted to bring in efficiencies and focus on driving growth and profitability.

How we helped a fast-growing pizza chain structure their growth plan and drive efficiency

Project Timeline

March 2018 - November 2018

Project Title

How we helped a fast-growing pizza chain structure their growth plan and drive efficiency

Approach and Findings

Data analysis and insights

We gathered the sales data for the last 18 months and deep-dived to identify the trends, store-wise sales, category-wise contribution, highest contributors, lowest contributors, internal sales contribution, 3rd party sales contribution, profitability etc.

Areas of Improvement

Based on the analysis and insights we identified areas of improvement and bucketed them into Process Improvements, Operational Controls, Financial Controls and Strategic Focus areas.

Work Done

We started with creating an Annual Business Plan that covered store-wise sales, category-wise sales, store-wise profitability, business seasonalities, and internal sales to external sales ratio.

Below were the key findings during the analysis and business planning:

  • There was no store-wise P&L statement to track store performance, growth or degrowth
  • There was no tracking of Food costs store wise
  • There was no structured tracking of Cheese consumption and the Cheese purchase was done store wise
  • The sales were heavily dependent on 3rd parties like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats and Scootsy
  • There was no structured approach to the Annual Target setting and there was no planning done basis seasonalities and historic data

We delivered the following during the project.

  • 1. Annual Business Plan with store-wise annual targets, month-wise targets and P&L statement
  • 2. Performance Management and target setting for the entire organization linked to the Annual Business Plan
  • 3. Dashboards and Financial reports to create better financial controls
  • 4. Store-wise audits formats and checklists to improve efficiency, quality consistency, improve fill rates, improve customer experience and NPS
  • 5. Focused approach and plan on driving Call Centre and Website sales
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With our focused approach and initiatives we delivered the following:

  1. The sales ratio of internal sales to external sales was 40:60 that was brought to 55:45 thus improving the bottom line
  2. Store-wise P&L helped in improving store-wise efficiency and reducing wastages and pilferage
  3. Brought cheese consumption within the desired norms and range thus improving the bottom line
  4. Improved the fill rate of Sides and Desserts thus improving Average Order Value
  5. Improved sales through Call Centre and Internal Delivery team thus improving team efficiencies and improving overall profitability

Juno's Pizza grew by 38% YOY in 2018-19, turned positive on their Outlet Level EBITDA (from 0.4% to 13%) and improved the Company Level EBITDA (from -37% to -17%). Juno's Pizza was acquired by Cure Foods in 2022.

Frameworks used in the project

Objective and Value Setting Framework

  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • Annual Business Plan
  • People & Culture Framework

  • Performance Management and Key Performance Indicators
  • Policy Redesign
  • Employee Handbook
  • Incentive / Reward Plan
  • Efficient Systems and Processes Framework

  • Process Improvements
  • Checklists and Process Flow
  • Daily Morning Huddles
  • Fill Rate Improvement
  • Performance and Sustainability Framework

  • Data Trackers (Individual and team)
  • Store Dashboards
  • Finance Dashboards
  • Store-wise P&L
  • Monthly business P&L
  • Testimonial

    Debox are very focused in their approach and data driven to achieve results. Working with them was a wonderful experience!
    Aditya Shah Reviewing Debox
    Aditya Shah

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