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How we helped the cold storage logistics and supply chain company build a platform to track their entire operations digitally

How we helped the cold storage logistics and supply chain company build a platform to track their entire operations digitally


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About the Client

About the Client

Parazelsus India is a Supply Chain Solutions provider, providing services like cold chain & ambient logistics, besides warehousing to pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, and medical devices sectors. The company, having its head office in Mumbai, operates a network across India with 12 logistic nodes covering more than 243 cities, 450 transport routes, and 5,000 distributors.


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The Group Chairman (Markus Haefeli) and CEO (Shailesh Acharya) wanted to build a platform to manage multiple enquiries and orders for their FTL operations and Warehouse Leasing services. They wanted to digitize the operations and provide easy data tracking to provide better service to their customers.

How we helped a logistics and supply chain company build a platform to track their entire operations digitally

Project Timeline

January 2022 - Present

Project Title

How we helped a logistics and supply chain company build a platform to track their entire operations digitally

Approach and Findings

Team interactions to identify areas of improvement:

We had detailed sessions with the Head of Operations & the core team to understand the need for the platform and the challenges they would want to address. We discussed their current tracking mechanisms, challenges, process optimization opportunities, and key metrics to focus on.

Zeroing in on the Problem Statement:

During the process, we understood that the process needs to be dumbed down and should have strong control points which can be tracked.

Roadmap planning:

Based on the challenges and possible solutions, we created a detailed scope of work for the platform with rules, validation, and conditions for each step (and each field wherever needed). The workflow was made in a manner where the entire logic for different transaction types and scenarios is managed by the platform and the platform would intuitively suggest the next applicable step based on the set logic.

Work Done

Our approach was to build a self-serving central platform which is used to manage the entire operations cycle.

We delivered the following during the project.

  • 1. Manage the cycle from receipt of an enquiry, to management and approval of vendor and customer quotes. The visibility of enquiries and orders is managed at a team level where the teams are able to see/add relevant information. The central team can manage the operations for all orders.
  • 2. Manage the contracts and placement of vehicles against contracted rates for different types of contracts such as Fixed Route, Rate per KM, Rate per KG, etc.
  • 3. Track confirmation of an order, mapping vehicle to be placed, tracking vehicle reporting, vehicle check before loading and loading completion tracking (with seal details and mandatory documents).
  • 4. Multiple LR Generation (manual/digital) for a vehicle placed.
  • 5. Tracking of deliveries, E-PODs, Temperature Reports (wherever applicable), and receipt of Original POD against each LR.
  • 6. Calculation of invoice value for customer and vendor for each trip, tracking status of invoice generation for customer and receipt of an invoice from the vendor.
  • 7. A vehicle pool management model where contracted vehicles can be allocated to different clients or for an on-demand FTL enquiry.
  • 8. A warehouse re-leasing module and a carrying and forwarding management module for multiple warehouse locations.
  • 9. Send triggered emails and generate different templates such as LR for ready use.
  • 10. Customers can track the status of their LR or Order directly from their website. They can access their customised dashboard and also check details of their historic orders, enquiries, and invoicing through a secured access.
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Parazelsus now has complete control on the data and has saved significant amount of time on account of auto-collation, analysis and auto-reporting. Because of data visibility, they could also identify areas of improvement in the process which helped them manage 15% additional order volume with the same team size.

Frameworks used in the project

Digital Transformation Framework

  • Custom Tech Platforms
  • Process Digitization
  • Efficient Systems and Processes Framework

  • Process Setting & Documentation
  • Process Training
  • Testimonial

    We approached Debox for developing an ERP for our operational processes, books of accounts and B2B lead management. Debox recommended a cost effective solution on Zoho platform. I must appreciate their understanding about the operational processes, converting them into algorithms which not only have automated the transactions but also with controls to minimise the human error.
    Kaustubh Kulkarni Reviewing Debox
    Kaustubh Kulkarni
    Head of Operations

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